Sacramento, CA

Awake Cafe and Community Space is a dedicated safe-space for all genders and orientations, all races and ethnicities, and all individuals who are marginalized in other spaces. One rule: don't be a jerk. 

Inclusive Safe-Space
Organizing and Networking
  • Need a safe space to host your women's/LGBTQ/kink/activist (etc.) meetings?
  • Need to make posters for your upcoming protest at the capitol?
  • Just trying to find a comfortable place to read your book, do your work, etc.?
  • Looking for a place to display your queer art?
  • Trying to meet people in YOUR communities without having to take on the bar-scene (just this once?)

Come visit us!!

We will be hosting a regular forum for local members of the community to make announcements about organizing or gathering, needs for support, etc. Some examples might include: calls for river clean-up projects, protests/actions to be held at the capitol building, announcements about local community events such as Women’s Take Back the Night, Sacramento Ladyfest, Sacramento Rainbow Fest, Sacramento Pride, and other events that might be of particular interest to the cafe patrons.

Community Announcements



And Community Space

COMING SOON! ...Stay tuned...


Awake Cafe​​